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Humanity’s future is in space. In order to make that a reality, we have to develop science and technologies here on earth. How do you develop a technology for space without doing the research there? The answer is microgravity, provided by our suborbital flights. For a fraction of the cost of an orbital launch, we can facilitate the future of space tech without leaving earth.

Select your date

- No wait list. Period. You want to do cutting edge science, we want to make that happen ASAP. Our fleet is ready when you are.

Integrate your payload

- Whether you’ve launched dozens of experiments or zero, we’ll help you get integrated. Fly our ready-to-go cubesat-style capsules, available with data/power, pressurized environments, and live telemetry. Need something special? No problem, we’ll help you customize your capsule to your exact requirements.


- 3 minutes of microgravity. 4.5g acceleration. 50 minutes of total flight time. Sound good? Great! If not, we’ll work with you to set up a custom flight profile to suit your needs.


- Get data fast. We’ll work with you to return your experiment as soon as possible, however you need it. Cryo, vacuum, freeze-dried, same-day shipped, high-speed download, you name it. Take it one step further and meet your payload with us as soon as it lands.


- One-offs are great for a proof of concept, but good science needs a robust data set. That means iterative launches to run experiments multiple times. Our reusable vehicle and customer-focused integration services make iterative launches fast, simple, and affordable.
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