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Microgravity as a Service™

We want to make researching in microgravity as easy as ordering a lab test here on Earth. With our suborbital flights, researchers will have a dependable schedule of launches to book a spot on, and full integration services to help them carry out their experiments.

No wait list. Period. You want to do cutting edge science, we want to make that happen ASAP. Our fleet is ready when you are.
Payload Integration
Fly our ready-to-go cubesat-style capsules, available with data/power, pressurized environments, and live telemetry. We’ll help you customize your capsule to your exact requirements.
Payload Integration
Three minutes of microgravity. 4.5g acceleration. 50 minutes of total flight time. We’ll work with you to set up a custom flight profile to suit your needs.
We’ll work with you to return your experiment as soon as possible, however you need it. Cryo, vacuum, freeze-dried, same-day shipped, high-speed download, you name it.
One-offs are great for a proof of concept, but good science needs a robust data set. Our reusable vehicle and customer-focused integration services make iterative launches fast, simple, and affordable.
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What is your mission?

We're designing a faster future today. Made in Hoboken, NJ, we're Hudson Space Systems. Our goal is to make access to microgravity research and manufacturing simple and affordable.

Meet the Team

Nathan Tahbaz's headshot
Nathan Tahbaz
Nathan is a space nerd with experience in management, systems, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, and project management. He has a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's degree in Space Systems Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.
Nathan Tahbaz
Monica Traupmann
Benjamin Iofel
William Skwirut
Dakota Van Deursen
Nicholas Yarbrough
Igor Alexandrov
Khurram Nasir Gore
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